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Route Digger 2

About Route Digger 2


Route Digger 2 is a puzzle and hyper-casual game in which your objective is to create a route for a ball to get to the colorful tubes. Good luck!

Welcome to the Route Digger 2 game! In the game, there are a ball on the ground and a tube which is located in the ground. The gameplay of this game is to create a path which can connect the ball and the tube. As a result, the ball can move to the tube and you win the game. There are some stones in the ground which can stop your path. Therefore, you have to have an overview of the platform before deciding the direction of the ball. In addition, the game has a lot of levels and they become more and more challenging. For example, from level 4, you have to create 2 paths for 2 balls. Their path can be encountered at any point and if you so not have the skillful routes, two balls will move in the wrong direction. Are you ready to play? Have fun!

How to play

Easy to play with the computer mouse.