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Retro Drift

About Retro Drift


Retro Drift is a never-ending racing on an elevated track. Here, you have to control your car to move safely through the bends and not fly off the track.

In this game, you will be involved in dangerous races on an elevated track. This race will never end until you fall off the cliff. In addition, you need to collect vinyl records on the track, which will help you buy car insurance, vinyl rush, and double score. Let's play this game and conquer the highest score.

How to control your car

Your car will move forward continuously, you use the mouse to control the car's direction. Hold the mouse to steer and release the mouse to go straight.

Some notes

This is a slippery track so you need to be careful to go further. Because this track is quite slippery, every time you turn, you turn a little earlier to avoid slipping off the track. In addition, on the track there will be many slopes, you should not turn immediately after moving through these slopes. Let your vehicle stabilize before turning. The most important thing for you to go far is your reflexes. Play a lot to get used to the mechanics of the game and go as far as you can.