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Om Nom Connect Christmas

About Om Nom Connect Christmas


Om Nom Connect Christmas is a popular interesting puzzle game. Your mission is to match the same cute monsters or candies to make them disappear.

When you first start playing this game, you will see a grid on the screen with many cute things like candies and little monsters of various shapes and colors. Some clamps, reindeer, and bells are also available in this grid. You must connect the same shapes to clean up this board. They will vanish once you successfully match them. However, there is a rule that must be followed when connecting these objects and creatures. If the path between them is blocked, you cannot connect and make them disappear. You will then be awarded the appropriate number of stars. They are your reward for successfully completing the quest. Furthermore, keep in mind that the time allotted to complete the task is limited.

Some features of the game

  • The game is designed with easy gameplay and one player feature.
  • There is a hint feature which helps you when you have a hard time.
  • Restart the level you are playing if you want.