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Nine Blocks

About Nine Blocks


What are you waiting for without playing the Nine Blocks game? Here, you need to rearrange the position of the tetromino in the board to destroy them.

The tetromino blocks to be stacked will appear in the upper left corner of the screen. These blocks will appear in the order of 3 blocks. You need to arrange all these blocks on the board so that new blocks can appear. To remove these tetromino blocks from the board, you need to arrange them in a row of 9 tetromino blocks standing side by side. These tetromino blocks can stand side by side horizontally, vertically, and in a 3x3 grid.

Arrange the tetrominoes

You use the mouse to drag and arrange the position of the tetrominoes on the board.

Destroy tetromino blocks with power-ups

When you have trouble placing the tetrominoes on the board. You use the power-ups at the top of the screen. The bombs will help you destroy the tetrominoes that appear around it. Shuffle helps to change the backup tetromino blocks that appear on the left side of the screen. A piece helps you fill in a missing spot on the board and destroy the tetrominoes. Use these tetrominoes to score as many points as you can.