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New Platform

About New Platform


New Platform is a kind of Mario game developed by the Stoneye company. In the game, you will explore and adventure the world in the great game character.

It can be said that the New Platform game is a great version depending on the classic Mario version. Great, beautiful graphics, interesting sound effects, and interesting gameplay will give you a great playing experience.

How to play the game is quite similar to the classic Mario game. You will navigate your game character to conduct an adventure. During the exploration, you encounter some interesting things such as secret blocks, monsters, or gold coins. Therefore, there are some recommendations for you:

  • Collect gold coins as many as possible.
  • Avoid the monster by jumping over them. You can also destroy them by jumping on them.
  • Collide with secret blocks to unlock them. There are some useful items in the blocks.

Developer and released date

The New Platform game is developed by the Stoneye company and released on April 10, 2019.