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Merge Pirates

About Merge Pirates


Merge Pirates is not an adventure at the ocean, it will bring you interesting puzzles. You will arrange hexagon blocks and merge them together.

The hexagonal blocks already appear on the map, you need to rearrange the position of these blocks so that they can merge together. Your mission is to merge with number 8 and create a huge explosion that destroys all the surrounding boats. This game only ends when you have no more space to arrange the ships.

Principles of merging boats

To merge boats together, you arrange 3 boats of the same value near each other. When merging they will form a larger value and when forming a boat with a value of 8 they will explode.

Use the power-up the complete the mission

The game has 3 power-ups to help you conquer the challenge easier. You can gain these power-ups by completing quests. The cannon is capable of destroying any boat you choose. When you use the bombs, it will cause all the boats of the lowest value to explode. The last helper is the saw. You can use this saw to upgrade any boat you want. Use these power-ups carefully to merge as many boats as possible.