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Impossible Box Rush

About Impossible Box Rush


What are you waiting for without joining the exciting journey in Impossible Box Rush? You will control the box to pass the obstacles and reach the finish line.

A block is lost in a small maze and you need to race this block to the end of the maze. However, this task is not easy when you have to face the moving spikes. You have to move very carefully so as not to touch these spikes and reach the finish line safely. Are you confident you can overcome it? Play this game and prove yourself.

Conquer all the levels of Impossible Box Rush

This game will give you challenges through many different levels. New obstacles will be updated through each level, it promises to bring you moments of great entertainment. What are you waiting for? Let's play.

How to overcome this challenge

You need to align the travel time of the spikes and move quickly across them. You use the arrow keys to control the box on the screen. The directions on the arrow correspond to the direction of movement of the box. For example, you press the up arrow key to move up and press the down arrow key to move down. Are you ready?