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About Hury.io


Hury.io is a fun animal game of the IO game genre. In this game, your goal is to become the player who owns the most chickens by controlling a chicken.

Instruction of the game

The goal of this game is to be the player who has the most chicks. In order to complete this goal, there are some instructions for you. When you start the game, give your chicken a name that represents you. Then your chicken will be teleported to the play area immediately. You will encounter images of chicken eggs and chickens representing other players. You now navigate your chicken closer to the eggs. When the chicken touches the egg, the egg will hatch chicks of the same color as you. So, you've got your first chicks. Keep searching and collecting until you become the one with the most chicks. There are two small notes for you when playing:

  • The first note is if you collide with other players. Your chicken will turn into an egg.
  • The second note is that there is a red square line around your playing area. If your chickens touch this line, they will turn into eggs.