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About Hole.io


Let's play the Hole.io game and participate in the war of the hole. Here, you have to opportunity to play and fight with other holes in 4 modes. Your mission in this game is to control your hole and eat everything you meet to raise your size. However, you need to pay attention to your hole's size, you only eat the objects that have a smaller size than you. Eat many small objects to raise your size, then you can eat the big objects. Are you ready? Let's fight.

Control your hole

You drag the mouse and control the hole to move in the direction you want.

Play in four modes of Hole.io

  • In the classic mode, you will play for 2 minutes, you have to eat as many objects as possible to get the highest score when the time runs out.
  • In the Battle Royale, you have to eat all the things on the map, even your opponents. You win when you are the last hole on the map. You lose when you are eaten by another hole.
  • In the team mode, you will form a team and fight with another team.
  • In the Solo Run mode, You have to eat all the objects on the map in 2 minutes.