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Hexa Dungeon

About Hexa Dungeon


Hexa Dungeon is a strategy game where you have to fight waves of monsters. You have to collect the elements on the board and destroy the monsters.

In this game, you will face waves of monsters. These monsters will attack you in waves. This means that when you kill a monster, a monster will immediately appear. You have to kill all the monsters to pass the level. Are you confident that you can do it?

Participate in the fight

You will collect the elements on the board and create power to attack the monster. The power you generate is proportional to the number of elements you collect. Every time you attack an enemy, they will come one step closer to you. You will win when you destroy all the monsters. Otherwise, you will lose if your health bar is depleted.

Upgrade your hero and destroy monsters on many levels

You will fight monsters on different levels. The number of monsters that you have to destroy will increase with each level. In addition, the monster's health and damage will also increase. You need to upgrade your hero to be able to withstand those attacks. You can upgrade your hero based on 3 factors: damage, blood, and armor.