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Gold Miner Tom

About Gold Miner Tom


Don't be afraid to play Gold Miner Tom. In this game, you will play the role of a gold digger. You aim and throw your pulley and pull up valuable minerals.

An old man was standing on a mineral mine. The valuable minerals of the game are gold, stones, and mysterious gift bags. When you pull the big gold you will win 500 dollars. The smaller golds are worth 100 dollars and 30 dollars. The stones will make you 20 dollars. Mysterious bags will bring you unexpected profits. The game will go through many levels, and each level will have its own target. The game will end when you don't complete the target

How to collect the mineral

Your pulley will rotate 180 degrees, when you have targeted the mineral you want to mine, you click to drag it up. The larger the mineral, the longer it will take you to pull.

Some power-ups

You can use money from mining to speed up your character's abilities. The power-ups will help you a lot such as bombs, health boosts, lucky grass, and so on. The bomb will help you to collect minerals immediately. A health boost makes your pulley work faster. Lucky grass makes the mineral mine more diverse.