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Gingerman Rescue

About Gingerman Rescue


Gingerman Rescue is an adventure game developed by Onduck Games. In the game, you have to control a sweet Gingerman to help him find the treasures.

Some interesting things about Gingerman Rescue

  • Gingerman Rescue is an exciting journey of a Gingerman on his way to find treasure. Help him overcome difficulties and challenges to get to the treasures.
  • This game is entertaining and suitable for all people of any age and gender to play. Therefore, players can play this game anytime and anywhere with a smart device.
  • The sweet Gingerman possesses a magic wand. Use it to destroy small monsters along the way. In addition, you can also jump twice in the air to jump higher and farther.
  • Take advantage of the surrounding terrain to your advantage.
  • It is easy to control with arrow keys.

Developer and Released date

Gingerman Rescue is developed by the Onduck Games company and released on Thu Nov 09, 2017.