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Crazy Bunny

About Crazy Bunny


Crazy Bunny is one of the stand-out games of Magnific Studios in the kind of Mario game. In the game, your duty is to move blocks to Bunny can get the carrot.

Gameplay rules

It is extremely to play the game of Crazy Bunny. There are a bunny and a carrot in the game. However, the bunny and carrot are separated by block walls. Your mission is to help the bunny take the carrot by moving these block walls. Just click on the position to move the wall.

Developer and released date

As I said earlier, Crazy Bunny is developed by Magnific Studios and released on July 08 2021.

Features of the game

  • The game has nice pixelated graphics and two distinct game modes
  • The enjoyable puzzle platformer game
  • There are a lot of levels with different maps
  • Easy to play by clicking
  • There are some traps on many levels, so you have to be careful

How to play

Play with left-click