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Circle the Cat

About Circle the Cat


Circle the Cat is a challenge game, your mission in this game is to make a trap to capture a cat and make it impossible to escape from the map.

This game is a mind game where you have to create clever traps to trap the cat. This cat is standing in the middle of the map on purple dots, you can build traps based on these dots. You can place traps anywhere you want as long as you can trap this cat on the map. Now, join the World Of Mario website and complete the quest to catch the cat.

Complete the mission

This cat can move on the dots on the map and you can also create traps on these dots. Although these are called traps, they will not cause any harm to the cat. This means that when the cat moves closer to the traps, the cat will no longer be able to move and it has to change direction. You use the left mouse button and click on any dot on the map to place traps. When faced with traps the cat will change direction, you complete the task by creating traps that enclose the cat and make it unable to move. Your mission will be judged as a failure when you let the cat escape from the map.

Some notes

As I said above, this is a brain game so you need to use all your intelligence to be able to pass this task, or you can also use some of the following suggestions. This cat can move in unknown directions, so you need to keep the traps far apart to be able to promptly respond to the cat. When you place a trap in front of the cat, it will turn and move in the direction of the nearest exit.