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Capture The Chickens

About Capture The Chickens


Capture The Chickens is an interesting arcade and adventure game developed the Magnific Studios. In this game, your objective is to capture your chickens.

In the Capture The Chickens game, players will own a farm where grows thousands of chickens. However, you lost those chickens from your farm. Your task is to find them and bring them to come back to your farm. Are you ready for this adventure? There are various types of enemy traps and obstacles which you will encounter on the road. You have to think of ways to overcome them such as jumping over these obstacles or killing monsters. Besides, you also see scattered apples and other useful items everywhere. Remember to collect all of them. When you find out a chicken, your duty is to use your magic wand to transfer it to your inventory. The more chickens you catch, the higher your score. Therefore, try to catch as many as possible.

Features of the game

  • The game is designed as a kind of Mario game
  • Interesting and easy gameplay
  • One player
  • Great graphics and interesting sound

How to control

  • Control your character with arrow keys
  • Capture the chickens with X
  • Shoot with space