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Block Stacking

About Block Stacking


Don't be afraid to participate in interesting challenges in Block Stacking. Here, you need to arrange the positions for the pieces of fruit and collect them. It is your task and your need to collect as many fruits as possible. This is an easy task, let's play and conquer it.

Choose fruits and stack

In this game, you will have the opportunity to arrange different fruits. The default type of the game is watermelon. In addition, you can also choose other fruits such as cantaloupe, and papaya, by watching ads. After selecting the fruit you want to arrange, you will begin to arrange the fruits. 

The rule to arrange the fruit

The pieces of fruit will be cut into square edges with different shapes. You need to arrange these pieces of fruit so that it forms a complete square and collect it. These pieces of fruit will be suspended in the air, you need to arrange these pieces in the fruit tower below it. You can swipe the mouse up to flip it, you can also swipe left or right to change the direction of the fruitmediately. The game will end when the fruit tower is full. Play this game and have fun.