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Basketball Beans

About Basketball Beans


Basketball Beans puts you in an exciting basketball game between the beans, you have to make spectacular moves to take the ball and put it in the basket.

This game reproduces quite realistically the game of basketball when you have to face a lot of other players. These players are created in the form of heads, which will gather together and form 2 teams. Two teams will compete for a ball and find out who gets the ball into the basket first.

Control your character

The players will use the mouse to move, your character will move in the direction of the mouse movement. You take the opponent's ball then bring it close to the basket, left click to throw the ball into the basket.

Task and skins

Besides interesting gameplay, this game also attracts players through interesting missions and unique costumes. First I will talk about the task, each player will have to complete 3 tasks they are Win 10 times, Dunk 20 times, and complete 30 matches. After completing each mission you will be rewarded with rubies, you can use rubies and buy skins for your character. Skins are divided into 2 types, one for the ball and the other for your character. These skins are very nicely designed and correspond to different prices, you need to complete a lot of tasks to be able to accumulate enough money and buy skins for your character. Now, let's access the World Of Mario website and conquer all the tasks of Basketball Beans.