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Baby Chicco Adventures

About Baby Chicco Adventures


Baby Chicco Adventures is a game belonging to the kind of adventure game. In the game, you control Chicco character to complete his adventures.

Background and mission

In a peaceful village, there is a little cute penguin. One day, he is playing an online game. Suddenly, he was teleported into the game world due to the electrification. The world of the game is extremely dangerous. Let's help him overcome deadly obstacles and come back to his home by completing all the levels. The deadly obstacles maybe are small monsters or others. You can jump over or jump on them to destroy them. In addition, collect gold coins when exploring and adventuring. Those gold coins can be brought out in the real world. Therefore, you can be rich after the game.

Some interesting features of the game

  • Single-player
  • There are up to 15 levels of the game
  • The cute penguin character
  • Beautiful graphics and interesting sound effects

How to control

Play Baby Chicco Adventures with arrow keys.