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Arrow Fest 3D

About Arrow Fest 3D


Arrow Fest 3D requires you to have an agile reflex. You have to quickly give directions for arrows to win the most points when you reach the finish line.

It's basically a math game. The game will offer a series of calculations, you have to quickly make decisions to get the highest score when you reach the finish line. It's easy to choose when faced with opposing choices like multiplying and dividing, adding and subtracting. What makes it difficult for you is the result of both addition and multiplication in the same choice. You have to quickly come up with the results of these calculations to make the most profitable choice. Do you believe in your own calculation ability, join the bad ice cream site to play

Control your arrow

You move the mouse left or right to control the arrow to select the calculation.

Some notes

At the start you will get one arrow, you will also get 10 arrows if you watch the ad. You consider the first calculation to choose. If the first calculation is a multiplication then select 10 arrows. Along the way you will encounter mysterious doors, it can be multiplication or division, depending on your luck.