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2048 Merge

About 2048 Merge


Experience moments of entertainment in the game 2048 Merge. Here, you are constantly merging tiles together and trying to get the highest score.

This is a simple puzzle game, you just need to arrange the tiles that appear randomly at the bottom of the screen on the board. These tiles will appear with random values. You arrange tiles of the same value together and merge them. This task is extremely simple. Please play and have fun.

Play and get the highest score

Every time you merge tiles together, you will get points. At the end of the game, your highest score will be saved and shown in the upper left corner of the screen. Play and not only break the records that you have set.

The principle of merging tile

These tiles have a simple merging principle. If you place 2 tiles of the same value close to each other, they will merge together and form a double high value. These tiles will merge right where you place them. You create helpers by merging consecutive tiles. This game will end when you have no more space to place new tiles.

How to control: Drag the tile to place it on the board.