About World Of Mario

World of Mario offers you a load of perennial games. This is wonderful when you can play as many different characters and complete missions. This website has a bunch of games about Mario characters, especially Super Mario. In case, you are still not familiar with these games, there is some information about this website. You will know all about World of Mario, how many games about Mario, and Where can play Mario games for free. What are you waiting for without joining this interesting website?

Some descriptions of World of Mario

If you are a fan of Mario, don't miss the World of Mario website. Mario's world opens to bring you exciting games related to the Mario character. If you are a gamer, you can't help but know this Mario game. Mario-related games have been launched for a long time and have quickly become one of the most loved games in the online gaming world.

On this website, you will have the opportunity to role-play as a Mario character with many different tasks. The same of these games are inspired by the character Mario, but these games have different gameplay. Each type of game will have its own way of playing and interesting things. Usually, these games will be built for Marios that can have their own world, and change the mission within them. You can constantly change the gameplay of the game so as not to get bored. I believe that with these wonderful games, you will get the best moments.

Game genres on the World of Mario website

First of all, there are genres related to Mario, they are often arcade games. You will play as a hero and participate in an expedition and rescue the princess. These adventures are usually spanned through different levels. You have to complete the challenges in the previous levels to be able to unlock the following levels.

Next is puzzle games, these puzzle games will help you practice which set of yours. You have to take turns solving the puzzles of the game. These games can be shooting games or jigsaw puzzles, which have catchy graphics and requires high concentration. These puzzles will stimulate your creativity as well as help you practice problem-solving. You can also practice your reflexes by participating in driving games on our website. Dramatic races take place that will increase your adrenaline and make you feel more excited. In addition, this website has countless games of other genres for you to enjoy. These games are usually multiplayer games where you will create great moments with your friends.

How many games about Mario

Games of franchises

As I said before, the Mario game has had a lot of variations. Franchises have created their own series of games with the main character Mario. These franchises have created distinct genres that attract players. Currently, there are more than 200 games in the world in the same genre as Mario. Some famous variations are Mario Golf, Mario Kart, Mario Party, Mario Tennis, Mario vs. Donkey Kong, Paper Mario, and so on. These new games will open up new storylines for the character Mario. Let's play and discover them.

Some popular Mario games on our website

The world of Mario currently has many versions based on each of Mario's adventures to other worlds. Each world has sub-worlds with their challenges and is upgraded continuously. When it comes to Mario's worlds, you can mention a list of worlds like this:

  • Super Mario series
  • Donkey Kong franchise
  • Yoshi franchise
  • Wario franchise
  • Mario & Wario
  • Hotel Mario
  • Mario vs. Donkey Kong series
  • Super Princess Peach
  • Paper Mario: Sticker Star
  • Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
  • Puzzle & Dragon: Super Mario
  • Bro. Edition
  • Mario Party Series
  • Dr. Mario World
  • Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Through Mario's quests and adventures, you can enjoy wonderful moments of relaxation. Besides, you can improve your control and logical thinking ability after solving puzzles to complete the mission. In particular, you can invite friends to play with you in some versions. For example, Super Mario World includes one-player and two-player modes. You can team up with others to finish the mission by having one person control Mario and one person control Luigi.

Where can play Mario games for free

Play Mario free on the World of Mario website

Previously, Mario was an exclusive game on the Nintendo Switch console. Currently, this game has many variations and you can easily play this game using smart devices. You can join the World of Mario website to play games in the same genre as Mario. Currently, on the website, there are countless variations of the same genre as Mario. Games range from 2D to 3D genres. 2D games are familiar images with maniac graphics, while 3D games are games with sharp images but without loss of quality. In addition, the game also has other games of the same genre. Let's play and create great moments.

About the gameplay of Mario games

Most of the game versions of the Mario series have quite similar gameplay. Your task is to control the character Mario using the arrow keys. Press the up arrow key to jump and the right and left arrow keys to move sideways. It is easy to control. Besides that, you need to avoid dangerous animals like snakes and birds. You can collect gold coins and mushrooms. Eating mushrooms makes you bigger. Overcome obstacles, jump over holes and reach the finish line to complete a level. There are many different levels in each version. Each level gives you a unique challenge with different maps.

In addition, before starting the game, you should know the roles of each item and powerups in Mario's World. You can find items like Cape Feather, Super Mushroom, Fire Flower, Yoshi Egg, Starman, P-Balloon, 1-up Mushroom, 3-up Moon, Key, and Dragon Coin. Cape Feather gives Mario the ability to fly and gets 1000 points. Super Mushroom makes Mario bigger and stronger. Fire flower provides the ability to throw fireballs at your character. After eating a Yoshi Egg, you can ride on a Yoshi while Starman keeps you unaffected by any effects. A 1-up Mushroom gives you one life and 100 coins, while a 3-up Moon gives you three lives. Besides, you can also add one life by collecting 5 Dragon Coins. Moreover, you need to collect keys to unlock secret levels.

Super Mario

Some features of Super Mario

Super Mario is the classic game of all Mario-related games. Here Mario will join an endless adventure in the mushroom kingdom. Here you will the Mario against the obstacles as are monster. Jump over the heads of these monsters to kill them. Meanwhile, you need to collect the coins that appear on the road to be able to buy equipment for yourself. This journey will last forever, so you must try to collect as many coins as possible to equip yourself with many weapons. Are you ready for this adventure? Immerse yourself in these endless adventures.

The origin of the Mario character

Mario is a well-known character for a long time, it is almost an icon of the game industry. He has become the childhood of many generations of children around the world. Mario has become so popular that people who don't play Mario games are familiar with the character. This fictional character was even licensed to be a movie and became a representative of many food products. So who is Mario? Mario is a fictional character created by Japanese game producer - Miyamoto Shigeru. This character has become an icon of the famous Mario series and Japanese online games. This character is described as a plumber. Mario's usual outfit is blue overalls and a red hat with an M-shaped symbol. This outfit has become an identifying feature of Mario. This guy lives in the mushroom kingdom, when you play this character you will participate in the adventure to rescue Peach Princess. Currently, there are many variations of this game, but Mario has always been an icon in the hearts of every player.

Why are Mario games so famous?

First of all, let's start with the unique graphics. The Mario games have built a great image of the Mario character. This game creates a character that is close and has an eye-catching appearance. The Mario character does not have a fancy shape, but it has a shape that suits everyone's taste. This character stands out with 2 main colors, blue and red. These 2 colors are outstanding and will make people remember this character faster. This character becomes closer to the player when taking the image of a plumber, a character that you can easily meet in real life. Moreover, the background of the game takes bright colors that will make the main character Mario. This image will hit people deeply and visually and make them remember longer.

Next is the plot of this game. This game has a very tight storyline where you will get the chance to play as the hero. Why do I say Mario is a hero when he's just a plumber? Since he will open a journey to rescue Peach Princess, he becomes a hero. In this journey, Mario will face countless difficult obstacles, it requires him to be really brave to be able to overcome them. What's more, the tight plot makes players feel like they're caught up in the story of this game. It's not simply a game anymore, it's an experience. Players will feel like they are becoming true heroes. This has attracted and made players more attached to this game.

Finally, it is gameplay. This game has a simple gameplay, that is suitable for all ages. You do not need to think too much to be able to complete the challenges in this game. This is a purely entertaining game to help you relieve stress after a tiring working day. Being a hero has never been so easy. What are you waiting for without playing and becoming the hero in these games?

Tips to play Super Mario games

As Super Mario has a wide variety of games, it's easy to get overloaded when you play these games for the first time, so I have some advice for you.

The games on World of Mario have the same Mario character inspiration, however, each game may build its own story. So, before you start playing a game you should read the game's plot. You need to learn about the opponents you need to face in order to defeat them. In addition, you know your mission in each game to be able to complete the challenge faster. While learning about the plot you need to understand the gameplay. Most adventure games have the same controls, but there will be exceptions. Some games have a change in control that will confuse players. Not finding the correct way to play will make you easily frustrated and lead to giving up. Therefore, you should understand the plot and rules of the game to get the best experience.

Here are some tips for completing the mission. You click the mouse and jump low. To be able to climb higher you need to press and hold the mouse. Sometimes you will face high walls, click continuously to be able to climb the wall. Jumping to touch a wall or brick will change the direction of Mario's movement. You need to be familiar with these rules so that you don't get confused when participating in quests.

While performing the mission you will also encounter difficult challenges. You should earn money to buy tools and upgrade yourself to be able to overcome these challenges more easily. There are some of the tips that I have learned during the game. I hope it will help you have a better experience when playing the game. For now, join the World of Mario website and enjoy great game genres.