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Magical Jigsaw

About Magical Jigsaw


Magical Jigsaw will help you train your brain. You will have to complete the challenge of arranging as many puzzle pieces into a complete picture.

A picture is broken into many small pieces. These small pieces are scattered all over the map. You need to pick up and locate each puzzle piece and arrange them. This way, you will stimulate your brain to think and figure out how to solve the problem. Moreover, colorful pictures will stimulate your creativity. As such, arranging different pictures will help you practice problem-solving skills and increase creativity.

How to solve the puzzle

You use the mouse to drag and arrange the pieces. You do this action until completing the mission.

Some tips

This game has many different modes but you should start from easy mode to get familiar with the mechanics of the game. You should arrange the puzzle pieces on the edge of the picture first because these pieces have a flat edge that makes them easier to identify. In addition, arranging these pieces from the outside will help you determine the frame of the picture. Divide the puzzle pieces into separate color patches to match. Sorting each part of the picture by color makes it easier to organize.