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Geometry Jump

About Geometry Jump


Let's take part in the adventurous race in the Geometry Jump game. You will control a square block and overcome obstacles in the endless track.

Geometry Jump is a fast-paced game where your character will move forward automatically and you have to control it to jump over obstacles. These obstacles are quite simple, but they appear with such a high frequency that it is difficult for you to react. So this game will challenge your reflexes. What are you waiting for without playing this game?

Control your character

You can easily control your character with the mouse or the keys on the keyboard. By the mouse, you left-click to jump. By the keyboard, You press the up arrow key to jump.

Choose the skin for your character

This game has tons of interesting skins in the shop. These skins have a variety of designs and colors to suit the preferences of each player. If you are a science lover, the game has skins like UFOs, robots, and so on. If you are a biology lover, the game has skins in the shape of apes, monkeys, and more. There are also countless other interesting topics. Choose your favorite skin for your character and conquer the game.