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Color Burst 3D

About Color Burst 3D


Don't miss the exciting challenges in the Color Burst 3D game. This game will create difficult challenges and test your reflexes. Are you ready?

You will control a ball through different circles. The circle is divided into different colors. The base colors of the game are purple, red, yellow, and blue. This ball has the ability and every time it moves through the ring the ball will change color. The condition for this ball to pass through the hoop is that the ball must be the same color as the area it touches on the top of the ring. If the ball touches an area of a different color, the game will end immediately. Moreover, each time you move through the hoop you will get some points. Play and get the highest score possible.

Control your ball

You use the mouse and drag it to the left and right to steer your ball.

Some tips

This is a fast-paced game but your ball also moves very fast. You need to move the mouse very gently to be able to control the ball through the ball. You need to be careful and flexible to overcome this challenge. What are you waiting for?